For Love or Money – Energize your senses with vivacious tunes fit for Buccaneers, Medieval Merrymakers, and Renaissance Revelers! (Photo of two guys with hats) Bard & Minstrels – Behold the Bard & Minstrels, or as the gears of the realm fondly dub them, BAM! A symphony of comedic antics, melodic marvels, and steampunk-inspired roguery awaits! (Photo with Pepe with roses) Frenchy and the Punk – From steampunk-infused New York, witness the Electro-Acoustic charm of a Cabaret-Goth Pop Duo: a French-born songstress paired with an American guitarist-looper. It’s as if ‘Moulin Rouge’ danced through CBGBs in a whirl of gears and velvet. (Old fashion image) Guitarmy of One Spy Noir Surf – Step into a world of singular Acoustic/Electro Spy Rock brilliance, a realm where Surf Noir meets the steampunk era in a hypnotic dance. From the steam-engulfed valleys of Upstate New York, this live-looping artist is set to transfix your senses, converting your mind one looped riff at a time amidst a backdrop of gears and intrigue.
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