In the heart of the steampunk universe, where Victorian elegance meets steam-powered innovation, lies the thrilling competition of Tea Dueling. Duelists, armed with teacups and biscuits rather than swords, engage in a delicate battle of nerves and timing. Under the watchful eye of the Tiffin Master, participants dunk a biscuit into hot tea and vie to be the last to consume their treat without it crumbling. Amidst the backdrop of airships and gears, this spectacle marries suspense with showmanship, showcasing a duel not of might, but of patience, precision, and a perfectly dunked biscuit.

Tea dueling competitions will happen throughout the weekend. Free to compete.


In the vibrant tapestry of steampunk traditions, Parasol Dueling emerges as a dance of grace and strategy. Duelists, brandishing ornate parasols instead of pistols, engage in choreographed displays of elegance and precision. The arena is often a sunlit plaza or cobblestone street, where participants twirl, thrust, and parry, using their parasols to outmaneuver their opponent. More a ballet than a battle, Parasol Dueling celebrates artistry and flair, offering a mesmerizing spectacle where the line between combat and performance art is beautifully blurred.

Parasol dueling competitions will take place at 2pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday. Free to compete. Sign-up onsite.


In the eclectic world of steampunk competitions, Cane Dueling stands as a testament to both finesse and strength. Duelists, wielding ornate canes adorned with intricate designs, step into the spotlight to showcase their mastery of balance, technique, and poise. The setting, often a grand hall or a bustling town square, echoes with the rhythmic clinks of canes clashing. Combining elements of traditional fencing with the flair of theatrical performance, participants engage in a dance of strikes, parries, and feints. It’s not merely about force but the art of anticipation and strategy. Cane Dueling is a mesmerizing blend of sport and spectacle, a display of agility and elegance where the true victor is often the one with the sharpest wit, not just the swiftest swing.

Cane dueling competitions will take place at 1pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday. Free to compete. Sign-up onsite.
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